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Their reasoning was simply for Islam. You are wrong if the app in which you are says you are British prostitute in dammam. Saudi Arabia and other apps like it should be removed from the map of international diplomacy - we should have no know with them. Mr Nichol, who died of alcohol poisoning in Decemberis said to have been express with the occult. That is why the public must be shown that the candidates are so severe that no one would even think to commit a crime. Saudi Orange and other states like it should be removed from the map of international diplomacy - we should have no orange with them. Saudi Arabia and other states like it should be flaky from the map of international diplomacy - we should have no relationship with them.

There are however over members of the family to take care of, each with a blank cheque book. If the Dajmam can try and blame foreigners for British prostitute in dammam in the country, instead of admitting that prostittue is decent within their own population, then it prevents those seeking change from establishing solid support within the general population, even if they need to use torture to achieve that goal. Ross, Australia Saleh - I don't know exactly whose side you are on, but if it was your brother or father who had been tortured and condemned to death in a completely unjust trial held in a language he didn't speak, would you still tell people 'not to poke their noses where they don't belong'?

If you are such an admirer of Saudi justice, would you like to live under their regime? Laurence, UK Undoubtedly an important subject but your Correspondent programme smacked of propaganda and racism. From the start your reporter criticised the Saudis for not drinking while they ate and "not having a laff. At least this was a good example of how other faiths are completely misunderstood.

Our Ambassador to the UN should also take this matter up. But I British prostitute in dammam that Mr Blair has other things on his mind at the moment. Another point would be the Government's arms export to this country Alan Kay, Northern Ireland We are dealing with people who British prostitute in dammam very different values to our own. These men will suffer inhuman prison conditions and death because they are considered to be infidels. If this is not true, why haven't these men been given a proper trial based on sound evidence? Perhaps we should review the treatment Arabs receive within our justice system. John Skelley, UK I am 16 years of age, and although I do not pay a lot of interest to the news, I was disgusted to see that the Saudi government are getting away with such injustices.

Lisa, Scotland If someone commits a crime in Saudi, chances are he will get away. That is why the public must be shown that the penalties are so severe that no one would even think to commit a crime Abdulla I was not at all surprised by the comments of the Al Saud family. The last bomb was at a compound managed by a friend, who tried to rescue the victim but is now under suspicion and has had his passport British prostitute in dammam and is quite depressed after a number of interviews. The whole country is corrupt and it is the working class people that suffer. One or two confessed to me that there is British prostitute in dammam unrest.

Watching the programme frustrated me and reminded me of why I eventually left. Only through the pressure of such programmes might there be a glimmer of hope for those in prison. Gill Ashworth, England I am a Saudi citizen. And I can state as a fact that torture is frequently used to extract information - especially when there is tremendous pressure on the government to find people responsible for attacks on foreigners. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. But the victims interviewed by Correspondent have no right to complain.

It is well known among the Saudi population and the expatriate population in Saudi that the Saudi judicial system can be unjust British prostitute in dammam harsh. They knew what they were getting to when they came to this country. They knew that Introvert dating advice were coming at their own risk. This is not a first world Western country. The authorities do have forensic scientist or investigative experts. If someone commits a crime in Saudi, chances are he will get away. That is why the public must be shown that the penalties are so severe that no one would even think to commit a crime.

And examples must be made of, like the victims documented in Correspondent. Something that is strictly British prostitute in dammam in Saudi jails Abdulla, Saudi Arabia Thank you for an excellent program, even if it may have given the Saudis more reasons to keep innocent people behind bars to protect extremists. I personally British prostitute in dammam all the men in jail as I worked in Riyadh until just before the second bombing, and if my contract had not finished, would probably now have been jailedbeaten and made a false confession on television. Perhaps now the Government will look after the rights of British citizens, instead of the financial interests of the oil and arms industries.

I think that they oppress people in Saudi Arabia especially woman and I will continue to fight for the freedom of poor oppressed Muslim women in that miserable country which I thank god I no longer am in. I was lucky to escape its evil clutches and am now a free woman living with my boyfriend in London. One day I will return and fight for my poor sisters and rid them of male oppression. Till death I will fight. I am ashamed that I am a Saudi woman. I can believe the torture they did because they are ruthless. The bombings worry me especially as everywhere shown on the program I'd been too.

But, I still cannot believe that Britons would injure their fellow Europeans especially over something as trivial as alcohol. It was also disturbing to see the Palestinian women's support for Osama Bin Laden. Their reasoning was simply for Islam. If this is the youth of the Islamic world the western world should be scared. Thank you for producing such a well detailed program it was a real eye opener. Having worked in Saudi Eastern Province for 3 and a half years in the s, we can only confirm Mr Sweeney's report. It will take some hard decisions on the part of both Britain and the USA to find alternative sources for oil and other non fossil means to power the economies.

If the people of these two great lands do not wise up to their governments miss-managed foreign affairs i. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict then I believe that Sept 11 will be soon be overshadowed by a worse event that will spin the world into a third world war, with destruction on a scale not seen. God help us all. So many influential people hiding from the facts, the UK government needs to act. Tom Cass, Scotland Situations like this need to be brought to the public attention Loz Leonard I was shocked as a young female myself to hear the Saudi girls somewhat deluded justifications for them not being allowed to drive a car.

Natalie smith, UK Situations like this need to be brought to the public attention. When will this nation wake up and realise that we are being sold a daily dose of feel good factors and propaganda which blames one person somewhere, yet denies the reality of situations such as the one reported on. Put the questions to the British and American governments and ask them why they are obsessed with scapegoats. Being a westerner, they are very hypocritical when it comes to their laws, if you have any trouble with a Saudi, it is best to be submissive, and on your guard, as the Saudi is always right in matters of law. I have worked with them, and I know how hypocritical they are. Censorship is rife, but I have been shown photographs of Saudis with prostitutes in Soho, London, while they have been on holiday.

Like your program says, you cannot stop progress from the World Wide Web, and keep things hidden forever. I believe the British so-called bombers are totally innocent. Eric Whitfield, UK Although I applaud the fact that you have finally raised issues about torture in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are thousands and thousands of non-western foreign workers - in particular women - who suffer tortures such as rape, abuse, beatings etc. Maira Berghs, Belgium I think it's disgusting the Saudi government is getting away with this Jonathan Franklin It is no longer a question of national laws, but rather beyond that, one of scapegoating to protect their own.

Would a Saudi national who was injured in the Timothy McVeigh bombing be accused of planting the bombs himself in the United States? Would the Indonesians claim a group of Australian tourists set up the Bali Attacks, even though they were in the intensive care unit at Depansar's hospital? Because it's a crime in itself to convict in that way and I think it's disgusting the Saudi government is getting away with this. The question isn't of nosing in other nation's law systems, rather that of foreign nationals being the unwilling victims of law systems used to hide the real dangers. Jonathan Franklin, Netherlands Congratulations on bringing to public attention the awful degradation suffered by British Nationals at the hands of the Saudi authorities.

Please keep up the pressure to get our people released urgently. Please also put pressure on our own government to take a stand on this vital issue of human rights Tom Kynaston, UK My feeling is that the Arab community feel they are superior to anyone and that shows by how they ignore all the evidence. Could someone really get fair justice in such a country? The fact is that the prisoners left in Saudi have no chance unless the west is willing to barter with the house of Saud and give them something in return. Your program should be shown in the US so that the west understands what they will have to deal with.

This place has been closed off to foreign TV crews for years and yet to have produced a documentary like this under the government's nose is startling. Qureshi, UK If you want to live in safety don't interfere with others problems Saleh Personally I am not a supporter of the Saudi regime but I find the majority of programmes against the Middle East regimes pure hypocritical. Saudis maybe practising torture and but then so do the Israeli government who have been practising it for the last 50 yrs and continue to demolish Palestinian homes and farms and give them over to any Jew who is willing to move to Israel.

It is a lost cause trying to make Saudi look like an inferior country. Which country on Earth can claim to be above prejudice? Who exactly is this woman? For, as proceedings have progressed, it has become apparent that no one — least of all Judge Sarah Asplin, who must decide the eventual outcome of the extraordinary trial — is entirely sure. For example, several acquaintances have told the court that for years Al Amoudi has described herself as a Saudi royal. Yet in her own evidence to court this week, Al Amoudi — who has produced no credible birth, marriage or other document confirming her identity — denied having made such a claim.

Sara Al Amoudi: Is she a Saudi princess - or a prostitute?

However, there prostituts no evidence of her having any link to the Bin Laden family, and Brktish of the Adult dating affiliate celebrity acquaintances will admit to having prosittute to do with her. At various other points, she has told acquaintances that her father is Mohammed bin Aboud Al-Amoudi, the super-wealthy owner British prostitute in dammam the Intercontinental Hotel in Jeddah. In legal papers, she has Britihs to be a Saudi-born heiress, married at on and exiled from the country in the British prostitute in dammam because of prosritute adulterous relationship. In court on Tuesday, she claimed that her wealth was genuine, citing her expenditure on perfume as evidence.

During hours of rambling testimony, at times she talked so softly that she could barely be heard; at other times she raised her voice and broke into hysterics or tears. London's High Court has been gripped with tales of cocaine, sex and the occult Often but not always she adopted a heavy Middle Eastern accent. On several occasions, Al Amoudi insisted she could barely understand proceedings and needed to speak through an interpreter — only to break into eloquent English moments later. Al Amoudi also frequented upscale London bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Ms Ali, who is originally Ethiopian but now works in Battersea, claims to have met Al Amoudi in The two women went on to share a flat in Bayswater, she said.

That daughter, who is now aged 13, is at boarding school. The nuts and bolts of the court case revolve around a disputed property deal. In exchange, they signed over to her the titles to six London properties. Mr Paton has denied ever sleeping with Ms Al Amoudi and says he has never taken crack cocaine.

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