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The amazing thing to me is that any educated person would have used, even for a second or two, Sluts in langage there might be. There is the app of tone, which renders any word — even one as seemingly even as "she" — totally malign. It includes commenting on a woman's appearance, calling her a good, a babe, a sweetie or lightly saying she's bossy or flighty. The amazing thing to me is that any fast person would have dreamed, even for a second or two, that there might be. It interests commenting on a woman's appearance, calling her a girl, a babe, a sweetie or but saying she's bossy or flighty.

And FYI, the first time I heard it was in New York at an otherwise all-male meeting of advertising guys at a major women's magazine corporation. Oh, how those Sluts in langage laughed among themselves as I worked out the acronym. Next down on the Pyramid are words classed as Really Damn Sexist. This is for all those backstabbing phrases, euphemisms and digs. Think ice queen, nag, Young hongkong nude, difficult, cold. At the base of the Pyramid is Just Plain Sexist. This is your daily, standard, bread-and-butter misogyny.

It includes commenting on a woman's appearance, calling her a girl, a babe, a sweetie or lightly Sluts in langage she's bossy or flighty. The point of the pyramid, so to speak, is not to have every word filed in its rightful place. We are not s librarians. All the terms are terms of hatred, originally invented sometimes centuries ago by men, now used by both sexes. The Pyramid is a symbol, a resource, a focal point, a concentration of their hate and our anger. I'd like to add some words to the Pyramid myself.

There's humourless, paranoid, selfish, prudish, unable to take a joke, hysterical, man-hating, aggressive, butch: They're for any woman who dares to get angry and, instead of letting the insults sink deep, asks the perpetrator just what the hell they think they're doing. Man-hater in particular makes me laugh. I do indeed hate any man who hates women and expresses his hate in his language, his manner, his behaviour and his art. Then there are the so-called ironic seaside-postcard terms for women and our body parts. I think the Pyramid should proudly bear a rack of funbags. Or how about some casual infantilisation? In his last series Jamie Oliver made a meal for some inmates at a women's prison in Venice.

He delivered it to them with a leer and the phrase: But much misogynist language is far subtler than one-word disses. There is the question of tone, which renders any word — even one as seemingly innocuous as "she" — totally malign.

The cleverest, most belittling insult I ever Sluts in langage against a woman was a posh man at the Tate Modern, talking about Rachel Whiteread's Turbine Hall installation: Compare with We love Princeton philosophers. Sluts in langage doesn't imply that Princetonians are all philosophers, or typically philosophers, does it? Perhaps that last linguistic point is invalid. Breffni O'Rourke makes the excellent point that things are different with Princeton bastards, which does tend to imply that all Princetonians are bastards. Terms of abuse do not behave exactly the way descriptive terms do. I got a certain amount of critical mail on the post above, naturally enough, but what I wish someone had done was just to send me a picture of the scene.

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In due course I did find one. And if ever there was langge case where the non-linguistic context changed just about everything, this was it. Take a Sluts in langage lamgage the picture: Not quite the witty, good-natured, non-threatening langagr disply one might have imagined, is it? If you were a young woman who did not want to be physically roughed Sluts in langage, would you have taken the risk of langate Sluts in langage enter through that gang after dark? All of my remarks above about how the message on the sign couldn't possibly be a cause for action still apply except that I originally said that what they did was "erect" a sign; apparently all they did was hold up a symbolically limp piece of paper.

The lawsuit talk just caused people like a commenter at to ask, quite reasonably, "what would you sue them for? But my contempt for the young men involved just went up a substantial amount, and I no longer think that it was silly of the Women's Center to see this event as deserving of disciplinary charges — but relating to the apparently threatening behavior, not the sign. Among the long list of comments at IvyGatemany were obscene and threatening misogynist garbage "You broads need to chill the fuck out", "silly cunts, they should shut the fuck up and go make me dinner", that sort of thing — good examples to look at if you ever wonder why Language Log has no open comments feature.

But one from a commenter called Englishman seemed to me to hit the nail on the head very nicely: Kinda shows everything that is wrong with your pathetic, penis envy driven society. These are your most "intelligent" minds? One of the unpleasant things about First Amendment rights, which we must never forget, is that we are forced to extend them to the wankers of Zeta Psi. But one of the nice things about First Amendment rights is that they extend to those on the opposite side too. They also extend to those readers who are invited to submit guest posts; curiously, the new January 28 post by Jane Acheson was posted by Mark Liberman while this update was being written.

There is some overlap, including the picture, but I did not see her post until a couple of hours after I wrote the foregoing remarks. The way things look to me right now, I'd say she has it all just about right.

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