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On rare occasions when ceam daughter Literotica cream pie be with her grandparents, we would manage to conjure up a Literotica cream pie. At this time it has been two years since our last group poe session. My body is fream exceptionally fit and Litertica still receive many compliments. If you have not read any of my previous Literoticaa, I Liherotica briefly Literotica cream pie myself. What is currently ongoing in our Litwrotica began a year ago. He had always been flirtatious and I vream my acceptance encouraged him to take things further. Literotica cream pie was never offended and to be honest, I envisioned Loterotica Kenny and Brad both buried inside my pussy.

The dirty things Brad would crexm to me excited me and soon I was teasing him back. I would bend over explicitly for him or show him cresm cleavage. When Literotica cream pie to creak he would rub my ass crea, I would Literotic the crotch of his jeans. He was always aroused and at the same time, my pussy was wet with the thrill. I would go home after work; panties soaked, and fuck Kenny. I needed the release. Kenny enjoyed my wet pussy and talked dirty ipe the juicy noises being Lierotica by another man filling my pussy with cum before I came home. Literotica cream pie like you had a guy a shoot his load inside you. I want to fuck your cum filled pussy.

I talked to Kenny and Literotica cream pie numerous times to have Brad come pe the house, but he was not exactly keen on the idea of a threesome or having Kenny around. It's Literotica cream pie a long time since I've had two Literotics at the same time. I'm kind of bummed. I admit though, I would love to see you working a couple of cocks. And just think, he Literootica fill your pussy and I would get a chance to feel what Literotica cream pie pussy feels like full of cum. It's been since you were pregnant that I felt you full of cum. I forget what is like" "OH!

This is just frustrating me. I really want both of your cocks inside me. If I couldn't have them both at the same time, I had to do something. The more Brad pursued me, the more I wanted him. Nearly a month had passed and Brad begged me to come to his place. I denied him for three nights in a row. I was on my period and wasn't going to subject him to that. I was near the end of my period and he invited me again. This time I accepted. I called Kenny and told him, I had to cover another workers shift, who was going to be about two hours late. He was easily deceived and said that he would be asleep when I got home. I was going to get Brad's cock and I would get to judge if he was all talk or not.

We left work and I followed Brad to his place. We undressed each other and I moved to put my mouth around his cock. I love to suck cock, but Brad only allowed me to do so for a short time. I was quickly on my back and he began sucking on my meaty labia and lapping his tongue between them. I couldn't say if it was his tongue or the thrill of being with him that had me yearning for his cock inside of me. He wasn't particularly large, maybe six inches, but he was thick. He entered me and my pussy wrapped around him and pulled him in deeper. He moved in and out covering his cock with my natural juices and was soon pounding my pussy.

I gasped as he hit pay dirt over and over. He was fucking my brains out. It was so different than Kenny. Kenny will pound my pussy good, but he enjoys a slower full length penetration where he can concentrate on caressing my body in the process. Brad on the other hand wanted to ruin my pussy. He fucked me in a variety of positions and was soon revealing he was about to cum. He pulled his throbbing cock out tilting his eyes towards the ceiling trying to contain the load he had built up for me. I moved to suck his cock to let him settle down, but also to see if there was any blood on his cock. There was no blood on his cock and I thought about the risk of having him fill my pussy.

You going to let me cum in your mouth? He continued to fuck me after I sucked on him for a moment. He lasted another half an hour and when he disclosed he was close, I pulled him close to me begging him to bury his seed deep into my pussy. His thrusts slowed and he pushed deep into me releasing moans as he splashed his load inside me. I could immediately feel the warmth of his semen inside me. You're crazy, do you know that? Don't worry about it. I tried to put my pants back on standing up and a light stream of Brad's semen slowly oozed out of me trickling down my leg. I put the lid of the toilet down and sat to put them back on. I'll see you at work.

Come give me a kiss. No not at all, but it helped me calm myself and it seemed to help Brad too. My pussy was so warm on the way home. Even with what had been expelled from my pussy I could feel the warm puddle of cum gathered inside me.

When I arrived home, I pulled into the garage and made my way out of my car cautiously. I wanted to keep as much cum inside my pussy as possible. I entered the house, pressing the button to close the garage door before closing the house door. I slipped off my flip flops and moved slowly to the bedroom. Kenny was out for the count. I stripped down to nothing and crawled into Literotica cream pie carelessly, trying to knock Kenny out of his hibernation. I backed up to him to spoon. I knew he would cuddle back and rub my body. He did just as I thought and curled up to me resting Literotica cream pie hand on my hip. His hand restricted itself to caressing my thigh.

Ken let out another quiet moan and his hand proceeded to rubbing my ass and eventually a finger was sliding up and down my slit. I let out a soft moan and gently tried to squeeze some of Brad's deposit out against Kenny's finger. Did, you make yourself cum while I was asleep? His finger gliding against me stopped. He had to work early and I figured by his falling asleep, he was exhausted. I was disappointed because I was going to surprise Kenny with a cum filled pussy to fuck, but I just smiled and fell asleep myself. I woke up to the Literotica cream pie of Kenny freshly showered, moving the covers uncovering my legs and bottom.

I was flat on my belly with a hand centered beneath me. I was groggy and it took a few moments to recall what I had done last night. Did you have a wet dream or masturbate before you fell asleep? There is a damp stain about the size of Literotica cream pie soda can on the sheets. I didn't know why at the time, but I realize now that I wanted the thrill of the secret to last a while longer. Groggy I offered him a dull, "hmmm? I'll see you later. By the way, that's a pretty sexy view! Lying there with your legs slightly parted and a puddle stained between you legs. It's amazing, I'll see you later. As I heard the door close, I lifted the covers and looked at the puddle.

It looked more like the size of a CD to me, but oh well I thought and drifted back to sleep. I woke up a few hours later, the stain completely dry now. I removed the sheets from the bed and took them to the wash room. I started the washer and warmed up a cup of coffee and gazed out at the backyard. I thought to myself that I should have told Kenny, but I also thought of how good Brad satisfied my pussy. He didn't make me cum, in fact Kenny is the only man who has ever made me cum, but Brad fucked me just the way I need it sometimes.

I questioned whether or not to tell Kenny, but I thought about it some more and wanted to surprise him. It would be another month before I could accept Brad's load into my pussy. So I would just have to play it off until then. It was a week before I rendezvoused with Brad again. Again he fucked me just the way I needed it, but I did not allow him to cum inside me. Leaving Brad's place, I was still soaking wet and figured this would stimulate Ken's curiosity some. I arrived home finding Ken lounging on the couch watching television. And it didn't help with how horny I have been today. He reached his hand out to me and pulled me close to him. I was conscientious about how I smelled.

My job is not exhausting and I never sweat, but it got pretty hot at Brad's. I wouldn't know how to respond if Kenny asked. Crystal gave a lazy, catlike smile, gazing back at him fucking her. Empty those big fucking balls. It's got to come out, baby, because my ass needs it so bad Show me how much cream you made. You like my chubby butt? Fuck that load up into me. You can get good and horny all day long, and then come home and pour it into me --" With a hoarse, strangled cry, Jeff grabbed her shoulders and convulsed wildly.

His bloated cock exploded, gushing solid ropes of cum into her clinging depths. I want it all! Again and again he shot frantic bursts of hot jism, until at last her tightly flexing ass had milked him completely. After a moment, Jeff's softening cock pulled free of her stretched, puffy asshole, and with a long sigh he slumped sideways onto the bed. Crystal didn't speak for a long moment, lying on her belly and savoring the feeling of her husband's huge load spreading slowly inside her ass, warm and thick. Jeff exhaled slowly, trying to catch his breath. Finally she raised her head enough to turn to look at him.

Without a word, he reluctantly scooted his body all the way up onto the bed, watching her warily. She rose to stand on the bed with a nimble step, a thin rivulet of cum beginning to drip from her ass. Slowly, Crystal walked forwards, gazing down at her husband with a smile. Then she gracefully squatted down until her rounded cheeks settled upon Jeff's face. Whatever he said as she forced her rear down upon him disappeared into a muffled slurp. Get on with it and don't try to get out of it. Her cum-filled ass tingled for a moment, and then began to give up its warm, creamy bounty.

Jeff's breathing was suddenly muffled by obscene slurps and gurgles as Crystal started to drain out the huge, thick creampie he had pumped inside her. Suck that whole load out. My ass is all full of your cum and it's got to come out. Still hot and fresh from your balls, huh?

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Now this load's going to be in your belly. Crystal's pulse began to quicken as she tugged and pinched at her nipples. As Jeff's tongue dove into her to tease out a sticky bubble of spunk, she let out a low moan. The darting tongue circled and danced faster and faster as Crystal began a high pitched moan, until suddenly she twisted her nipples savagely and threw back her head in a scream. Her spasming ass bore forcefully down on him and gave up a final gurgling spurt of jism to join the sloshing mass of cum in Jeff's belly.

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